The estate's three wines are perfect expressions of the Viandante del Cielo character and mission: sophisticated, exquisite, unique. 

At Viandante del Cielo we have eschewed Italy's stringent DOC and DOCG regulations, which can have the effect of curtailing experimentation and innovation, and which often fail to recognise the crucial contribution of rare native varieties that have been present in a region since time immemorial – like the four that form the blend of Pristinvm. 

Instead (like some of the most celebrated ‘super Tuscans’ from across the border in Tuscany) we bottle our three wines using Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) classifications. Far more elastic, these leave us the space we need to work our own special magic, allowing us to cross frontiers to create the kind of exclusive wines – bursting with ideas just as they burst with exquisite aromas – that Viandante del Cielo is all about.

Viandante is our boldest creation, a wine of structure and poise modelled on the great vintages of Bordeaux, dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon with an important Merlot supporting act. The varieties may be international, but the lakeside terroir exerts a strong influence and makes this a distinctly Umbrian variation on the theme. 

Dark ruby with violet tinge, complex and lifted nose of cigar box, blackcurrant leaf and crunchy morello cherry. Distinctively spicy, earthy (goudron) and vibrant on the palate with muscular, yet fine-grained and enveloping tannins. Sophisticated and savoury, impressively long finish.

Pristinvm (the Latin for ‘original, former, ancient’) is Viandante's homage to central Italy's millennial history of winemaking. 

It takes native varieties cultivated over the ages – Ciliegiolo, Pugnitello, Sanforte and Foglia Tonda – and applies the latest in vine-growing and wine-making philosophy to them, blending the varieties in varying proportions according to each year's harvest, to produce a wine of huge finesse. 

Full bodied red with intense dark fruited nose, black pepper from Ciliegiolo. Velvety yet definite tannins are enveloped in toasty oak that would release additional layers of complexity over time, although drinking well now since long and energetic.

Lungolago is Viandante del Cielo’s white, a blend of Chardonnay with and native Grechetto, and a perfect evocation of the lakeside terroir which gives it its name. 

Delicate nose white peach and hints of pineapple. Spicy and savoury character with distictive fennel and peppermint from Grechetto. Salty and stony. The lively acidity and the wet-stones minerality is counterbalanced by the creamy, expansive texture. Aromatic herbs, a bit of camphor. Long, lingering finish with citrus fruit and liquorice carried by a unique salinity.