Elegant, streamlined and built into the hillside for minimum visual impact and maximum wine-making efficiency, Viandante’s del Cielo’s state-of-the-art cellar was completed just before the 2020 harvest. Our team worked alongside the project architects to create the ideal cellar, purpose-designed for the fermentation, blending and ageing of the estate’s three wines.

Here grapes grown exclusively on the estate are used to create boutique quantities of wines for the most sophisticated palates, in line with our winemaking philosophy and approach.

The passionate commitment to sustainability we display in the vineyard extends to the cellar too: the partially interred hillside setting protects it from diurnal temperature shifts and helps to reduce energy consumption.

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Both of our red wines, Viandante and Pristinvm, ferment in mulberry-hued tulip-shaped concrete tanks. Unquestionably the most eye-catching feature in this highly functional, state-of-the-art facility, the tanks were produced in the Veneto region – exclusively for Viandante del Cielo, in the case of the 43hl size. 

Made of unlined concrete and equipped with temperature management mechanisms, they allow the wines to ferment and develop in an entirely inert receptacle that guarantees absolute purity of flavour and aroma in the stage before barrel-ageing.


The tanks’ shape, narrower at the top, creates a deeper cap, which sinks to the bottom during délestage – a rack and return method that is gentler than pumping over – thus allowing for richer extraction.

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Viandante del Cielo’s white wine, Lungolago, is barrel-fermented, with part being later transferred to concrete or steel tanks to add a textured layer of complexity while maintaining a vibrant tension.

All three of the estate’s wines are barrel-aged in our dedicated temperature- and humidity-controlled barrel store. Here, the precious vintages attain perfection in a selection of French oak casks, with ageing times ranging from Lungolago’s six months to fourteen months in the case of the Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend Viandante del Cielo.

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